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To jointly develop unmanned helicopters and associated systems in conjunction with strategic partners to target segment applications.

Leadership Team

Bill Donovan President

Bill is an aerospace engineer with expertise in aircraft conceptual, preliminary, detailed design, stability and control, structural dynamics, and UAS project management. He focuses on UAS design as well as modeling, simulation, and controller synthesis for fixed and rotary wing UAS aircraft. One of his most exciting undertakings, prior to launching Pulse Aerospace, was working as the chief designer for the Meridian aircraft--a 1,100 lb 26-ft wingspan UAS that was designed to measure ice thickness and bed surface topology in Antarctica and Greenland. He was responsible for the Meridian's conceptual, preliminary and detailed design, and he managed several groups of engineers throughout the manufacturing and development phases.

He conducted his graduate research at the University of Kansas Flight Test Laboratory. Bill holds two patents and his previous work includes the development of several new unmanned aircraft systems including the Hawkeye UAS, the Wolverine helicopter UAS, and the Meridian UAS. Bill earned his B.S. and an M.S. in aerospace engineering from the University of Kansas.

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Lance Holly Vice President

Lance is an aerospace engineer specializing in UAS avionics, automatic flight control systems, and flight testing. He co-developed, integrated and flight tested fully automatic systems on many variations of fixed-wing and helicopter UAS machines--including the Meridian UAS, Yamaha RMAX helicopters , and other nonconventional unmanned aircraft programs. In addition, he helped design and develop the Wolverine III electric UAS helicopter currently in use in various civil and defense applications including the UAS Training Program at K-State Salina.

Lance received his M.S. in UAS avionics and flight test with honors from the Department of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Kansas. His experience in unmanned systems, flight dynamics and formal controller synthesis, high fidelity inertial measurement methods, flight data and dynamics analysis of aircraft is a very valuable asset to Pulse Aerospace.

Lance is also a professional UAS and R/C test pilot who holds certification for Yamaha RMAX helicopter operation and piloting. He has trained individuals at the nation's leading Department of Defense National Laboratories and University robotics institutes on UAS helicopter flight operations and integrated flight control system operations. In 2009, Lance successfully piloted the maiden voyage of the 1200-lb. Meridian UAV at Ft. Riley, Kansas.

Lance Holly


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